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Release, Relax, Unwind

"As I get older, I found that I could exercise with aquaGrand the way I used to without the wear and tear on my joints and muscles."




Hi! I'm Karen, your aquaGrand™ Water Fitness & Wellness Coach on the Space Coast of Florida! Exercise has always been a part of my wellness routine for many years. As I got older I found myself wanting to find a program that put less force on my joints and reduced pain and stiffness while still boosting my range of motion and strength.

I found the aquaGrand™ program which allowed me to exercise in the water eliminating the wear and tear on my body. Many of my friends expressed interest in joining me in my pool workout. I soon became a certified aquaGrand™ Coach focusing on classes for the 55+ community. 

I still run a travel business but find that being an aquaGrand Coach has not only given me a second career but has also kept me fit and active. I highly recommend this program to anyone whom wants to to keep physically engaged without the "sweat"!

In teach classes at a private pool in Cocoa Beach, FL. 

~ XO, Karen

Certified aquaBelly® Coach




"Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world."

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"I look forward to my aquaGrand classes with Karen every week. I've been feeling really down during the pandemic, not being able to see my family far away. Exercising with Karen in the pool gives me something to be positive about and I feel so much better physically and emotionally." 

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