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“I look forward to my time at aquaBelly® every week. The prenatal workouts give me a means to safely exercise and they always leave me feeling loose, relaxed and erase any pregnancy aches I may be having. My instructor comes to my backyard pool and I am confident that she knows what is safe. After I have my baby we can workout together again when she turns 3 months old! ”

— Erin H, Mom-To-Be

“As a mother of young kids, I am always looking for activities to keep my kids engaged, active and outdoors in a safe environment.

aquaBelly Kid offers it all, and my son loves it! He was instantly obsessed while he learned how to safely exercise in a shallow pool. My son was smiling & laughing the whole time while he learned to run in the water, do jumping jacks and other fun activities. From then on, every time we are at the pool, he insists on doing it again. ”

— Lenore P, Mommy of Two


Molly B, Mom-To-Be

aquaBelly® is AMAZING. The trainers are the best. I love this's the best exercise for you and the baby. I highly recommend!


Syretta R, Mom-To-Be

I loved aquaBelly® with both of my pregnancies. I was very sick and by exercising in the water it helped me so much. Such a great experience stretching and getting a great workout!


Barbara W, 91

I used to require a scooter to get onto the pool deck but with aquaGrand I got the pep back in my step. At ninety-one years old I feel young again with a smile on my face at every class.

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